FC2 PPV 4416851 – He succeeded in getting a petite nursery school teacher, who was his drinking buddy, into debt. Using her inability to disobey as an excuse, she lets him suck her off in the park at night and fuck her at home as he pleases, and now she’s become a convenient sex worker analyst.

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FC2 PPV 4416851 – 飲み友だった小柄の保育士を借金漬けに成功。逆らえないことを口実に夜の園内でフェラさせて自宅でも好き勝手にハメて、今では都合のよい性処理アナに成り果てた。








I am a childcare worker in transition from drinking buddy to client.

They have become so used to borrowing money that they ask me for additional loans every time I see them.

We have created a relationship that is much more difficult to disobey, so anything we ask for is possible.

When we met at work, he forced himself onto the roof of the park. When we met at work, I forced her to go onto the roof of the park and give me oral sex in the middle of a building with a night view all around,

When I met her at home, she became a very convenient sex worker, taking off her clothes wherever she felt like it and fucking me raw and immediately.

I personally thought her feet were the most erotic part of her body, so I especially suck and lick her feet lol.

I cover her face because she is my friend, but of course I threaten to expose her face if she tries to fly. I’ll threaten to expose my face if he tries to fly.

The school. You don’t want the children to find out about this kind of thing.
FC2 PPV 4416851

Date: May 6, 2024
Actors: Star