FC2 PPV 4401683 – Full face out County / Tate 3 D-cup super suji paipan First time fuck with outdoor exposure and first Nakadashi … She’s a hot little girl. She’s got a spasm and then she gets a cleaning blowjob.

65 / 100

FC2 PPV 4401683 – 完全顔出し県/立3 Dカップ超スジパイパン 初ハメ撮りで野外露出と初めての中出しでシ.ョッ.クで痙攣からお掃除フェラ





1カメ→斜め横、2カメ→バックアングル、3カメ→手持ち主観アングル 4カメ→正面アングル

This is my first shoot and I’m doing all the usual things outdoors and indoors. She has a style I love, so I do all the things I like to do on this day’s shoot.

The first two locations are pre-collapsed, and as usual I roll up her skirt and film her sujiman from the front.
The apartment block is shot upside down on the stairs as usual, then I let her walk around with her skirt rubbed up. As usual, the scene with her trousers on and the scene with her trousers off are filmed with Suziman from the front. She has long and beautiful legs, so I make her stop and take longer shots of her Suziman from the front. I couldn’t masturbate here because I ran into a resident on the way…

The park was filmed in several places, the first being a bench where I had her on M and on all fours and filmed her beautiful sluts.
At the first location, she was on the swings, and I had her in an M position and filmed her panties and her pussy. I wanted to film the slide at this park, but the old man noticed me filming and wandered off, so I gave up and moved on to the next park…
The swings and slides at the second park were taken in the usual way. The slide was filmed at one more place, and I filmed an M-shaped man at the top of the slide. I like the slide M-shape, so I took a close-up of the scrotum in both places.
At the end I have her walk on the sidewalk with her bra and skirt rolled up as usual, then I lay her down on the road and film a big spread-legged scene.

Inside the room it’s the same as usual. After a series of shots of her beautiful sluts in M-shape and surgical tape on the sofa, she is made to masturbate with an electric masturbator while in a surgical tape position. There is also a blowjob scene on the sofa.
After a series of shots of her beautiful pussy on the bed, she is in a variety of positions, including normal, back and cowgirl.
I promised her that she could do anything she wanted on this day, so I pulled my cock out while in normal position and let her suck my cock and reinsert it into my pussy twice. It seemed like this was the first time she had ever done this, but she gave me a good blowjob. This is filmed here from a subjective angle and a back angle. In the back angle, she has her legs spread so you can see her giving a blowjob to a pussy.

The bed scene is mostly composed of multiple angles until the middle of the scene, but the final Nakadashi scene has the first uncut full-length subjective angle from insertion to observation after Nakadashi.
The shooting is done in the normal position, and after filming the sperm that has flowed back after Nakadashi, the cock is made to give a firm cleaning blowjob and let the sperm that has been firmly sucked out drip down onto the cock.
She is convulsing when she ejaculates, but it’s the first time she’s been ejaculated on and she’s shi . I was so excited that my eyes came in my head. I’ve been cumming for the first time, so my eyes have come…. I’m still cumming when I feel the warm sperm being injected into me… It was so hot…. It was like a first for me…
I was also the first one to give her a cleaning blowjob, but she did it well.

There are two versions of the sequence of insertion, firing and cleaning fellatio: the ‘uncut subjective angle’ and the usual ‘main angle to back angle’.
The room is edited with a multi-angle composition, with more subjective angles and wipes.
Camera 1 -> diagonal side, Camera 2 -> back angle, Camera 3 -> hand-held subjective angle Camera 4 -> front angle
FC2 PPV 4401683

Date: April 25, 2024
Actors: Star