DDH-251 Intense filming of a calm, beautiful girl therapist carefully nudging a regular customer’s fully erect penis. Despite the law against it, they continue to actively engage in erotic acts, and as a result, they develop into a real sex session. The two who let themselves be pleasured and kept shaking their hips, what awaits them is a Nakadashi… #Responsible for: Mei

66 / 100

DDH-251 おっとり系の美少女セラピストが常連客のフル勃起チ●コを丁寧にヌいてあげる様子を激撮。ご法度にも関わらず積極的にエロ行為をし続けた結果、本番SEXへと発展。快楽に身を任せ腰を振り続けた2人に待ち受けるのは中出しであった…。#担当:めい
出演: めい
メーカー: DOC
収録時間: 62min
品番: DDH-251
配信開始日: 2024/03/21
シリーズ: メンズエステ盗撮
レーベル: ドキュメントdeハメハメ
ジャンル: 配信専用 素人 フルハイビジョン(FHD) エステ・マッサージ 中出し スレンダー 美乳 ローション・オイル パイパン 美少女



Play: Counselling, massage, shiatsu, panties, oil massage, groin massage, nipple torture, hand job, kissing, nipple licking, fellatio, cowgirl position, rear cowgirl position, back, side position, sitting position, normal position, Nakadashi.

Synopsis: Sneak a peek at the whole scene at a popular men’s beauty salon.
The therapist forgets himself and gets lost in the erotic act, even going as far as to perform a sex act, which is not allowed.
It’s been three months since she joined the salon. She is finally getting used to her job.
She has been talking with her regular clients and her treatment seems to be going well, but when an erect penis appears in front of her, she just can’t resist.
The careful treatment she had been giving until then was replaced by intense nipple torture and fellatio, leading her to ejaculate mercilessly.
She confirms that she is fully erect,

‘I’m going to make you feel even better.

She invites the cock to her own pubic region.
When he enters her easily and deeply in the cowgirl position, she begins to move her own hips up and down and starts pistoning herself.
There is no way to stop them as they continue to shake their hips selflessly, and in the end, they end up cumming inside each other…

Date: March 21, 2024
Actors: Star