300MIUM-1044 Fiercely pleading for help Black pantyhose suit lady is a dominatrix in the fuck kitchen who has sex three times a week. A certain doggy store Clerical work Ms. Hasegawa, 3 years with the company.

66 / 100

300MIUM-1044 激責め懇願 黒パンストのスーツお姉さんは週に3回SEXする性交厨のドMさん。 某ド●ッグストア 事務 長谷川さん 入社3年目
出演: 長谷川さん/某ド●ッグストア 事務/入社3年目
メーカー: プレステージプレミアム(PRESTIGE PREMIUM)
収録時間: 104min
品番: 300MIUM-1044
配信開始日: 2024/03/20
商品発売日: DVD未発売
シリーズ: 働くドMさん.
レーベル: prestigepremium
ジャンル: 独占配信 配信専用 素人 企画 フルハイビジョン(FHD) スレンダー OL 美脚


This project is an adult film in which a female office worker who has come for an interview for an adult film job comes to the house or workplace without permission and is forcibly fucked. ★
Pantyhose-suit shining slender beautiful female office worker, Hasegawa-san, has moved in next to her house! The girl is so beautiful that she can’t hold back any longer, so she visits her house without an appointment!
“Is it starting in the morning?” I’m so beautiful, I can’t contain myself any longer!
She has to get ready for work, but she begs him to have sex with her, and they have sex just in time for her to be late in her pyjamas!

During the lunch break, I stopped the car in front of Ms Hasegawa’s workplace and called her out!
She’s wearing a suit and black pantyhose, and the gap between her home and her office is huge…
I heard that she has lunch with her colleagues, but it was too erotic, so I invite her to have lunch in the car…

After work, I wait for her to come home in front of her house, and today I bring her into my room.
Then, I do the thing I mentioned during the interview!
She doesn’t want to do it, but she’s feeling good about it.
This kind of thing is the best, isn’t it? She really is a dominatrix, isn’t she (laughs).
(laughs) A beautiful female office worker who is left to be fucked, it’s the best.

Date: March 20, 2024
Actors: Star